Welcome to Famous Four Colors

We are Creators + Artisans. Lovers + Fighters for Justice.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Jobs – domestic, decent-paying, up & down the supply chain
  • Clean Energy – no overseas shipping back and forth of products
  • Organic Farming – cotton, hemp
  • Community – multi–generational, international
  • Diversity – of Art, People & Ideas

our fabric and process

We utilize the best fabrics around!

famousfourcolors_organiclabelthe economics:
After years of printing shirts, handling hundreds-of-thousands of cheap, off-shore scratchy shirts, we couldn’t stand to launch a line with anything but the best. We are aware of the impact of our purchasing power in the global supply-and-demand chain, as well as on the environment.
Our fabrics are more expensive to produce. Some folks thought we were crazy to use garments with such a high price point for our initial line! However, we know that when people buy these clothes, feel their silky-smooth textures, and then wear them for years to come with increased comfort, our decision will prove worthwhile. You are the ultimate test of this thesis! We encourage you to buy one of our garments and let us know what you think.

Our thinncker™ fabric technology is highlighted on various products – a combination between a thinner feel and a thicker weave – the weight is all in the density. We are based in Northern California, where there is often sunshine and a cool breeze; and the weather can change from cool and foggy to hot and sunny in the same day! These fabrics are heavy enough to keep you warm in the winds, but have the drape, feel, and breathability of a much thinner garment.

made in california:
Our garments are nearly all made of 100% Organic California-grown cotton. Most other ‘made in America’ brands use fabric that is imported from overseas. This drastically increases their carbon footprint, and does less to support our local economy. Our fabrics are grown here, sewn here, and finished in our in-house production facility.

our artists:
We have developed all of our relationships with our artists through our years of running an Art Gallery. We take Artists’ work and transform it utilizing our years of print-making experience. Each piece is a conversation.

our production process:
We utilize both automatic and manual equipment in our print-making. Our methods have been tested over years of experience. We encourage you to drop by the shop if you’re in Oakland and take a look!